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Marina around Miami

That the Spanish Olympic women’s windsurfing enjoys extraordinary health is more than clear, and in this premiere of the World Cup that has taken place in Miami has been demonstrated once again. Sevillana Marina Alabau has made a championship that has touched perfection and like the one who says, she has taken the race almost without discomfiture.

Six consecutive top positions made it clear that Marina was not going to let her escape the Miami Olympic Classes Regatta, which by the way won for the fourth year in a row. It is clear that the Andalusian did not want to escape a race to which the measure is very close.

It is certainly a very good start for Marina who has her great rival to be in the 2012 Olympic Games at home, and that is none other than Blanca Manchón that last year was seeded but that in Miami could not discuss the victory to him Marine.

No doubt there is a very interesting and very competitive season where the two best Spanish Olympic windsurfers are probably going to embroider it.

Marina was the first, congratulations !